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I was not able to play this video ? Maybe it was taken down? I did however find the comments between Ad_Lang & Frankie to be quite well said, and refreshing!


There were two things that stood out for me throughout the interview that I recognise in more than one way. The first and foremost is the attitude to not blindly believe every word -by anyone-, but to be motivated to check and find evidence for oneself (Proverbs 14:15; Acts 17:11). Not only when it comes to our spiritual beliefs, but also in all other things that affect us or involve decision-making on our part. I’ve noticed this quality before and would like to encourage it greatly. Peter urged us to be ready to defend our faith and that requires knowledge… Read more »

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Dear Ad_Lang, Thank you for your comment. I understand your situation and the similar situation of many brothers and sisters who may suddenly find themselves in a “social vacuum” due to the drastic doctrine of shunning. Shunning is unbiblical and cruel. After leaving the Organization, it is natural and desirable to seek various social contacts (perhaps even “worldly”) in order to maintain normal mental health.   It would be best to look for like-minded people who have already left the Organization and who remained faithful to God and his Son and could provide support and advice to the person. That… Read more »


Hi Frankie, Thank you very much for your considerate (and concerned words). I agree that it is very important to find like-minded lovers of truth among the sons of our heavenly Father. You hit on an important and sad fact: many Christians do indeed miss out on the very essentials of our faith. That is why we need to trust the promises in John 14, that holy spirit will guide us and Jesus will make himself known to those who love him (that is, observe his commandments). I’m afraid that many, in particular among Jehovah’s Witnesses, are not really anchored… Read more »


Hi Ad_Lang, Your answer is full of nice thoughts. You also mentioned my favorite verse, John 6:44. I agree with you about the motivation for preaching and the interpretation of the verses in your examples 1 to 3.   The concerns in my answer were addressed primarily to those brothers and sisters in the Organization who are currently on the path from PIMO to POMO. Some brothers and sisters who are experiencing this transition, especially those whose family has been in the Organization for several generations, can be very vulnerable if they are exposed to the pressure of this world… Read more »

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