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Real People, real time, real situations. Sabine, and Margrit…all good. Another real interview. I just defer to Ad_Lang’s comments…so well stated. Everyone has a story, and they’re all important.
PS…”The Hills are alive with the sound of Music”!
Enjoying your Trek!


Hola a todos Es llamativo como en estas experiencias y muchas otras el factor común que hizo que empezaran a cuestionarse las cosas fue el asunto de la vacuna Por supuesto cada uno tiene derecho a elegir si se vacuna o no y debe cargar con la responsabilidad Pero para los que consideran la vacuna peligrosa (me incluyo) los informes del cuerpo gobernante fueron sumamente violentos e insoportables De hecho la atalaya del 2015 dice claramente que nadie está autorizado a recomendar tratamientos médicos a los hermanos incluidos miembros de la sucursal  https://wol.jw.org/es/wol/d/r4/lp-s/2015682 Ellos mismos contradijeron esa enseñanza y fueron en… Read more »


So lovely to learn that, despite the price Margrit paid, her actions had a significant positive effect.

Reminds me of this phrase in Paul’s letter to the Romans:
And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose” (Romans 8:28 NASB).

Would be grateful if someone could pass that on.


Something I didn’t understand: are you claiming that the vaccines are harmful or that the governing body should not require the witnesses to be vaccinated because it is a medical matter and not biblical?


I found it helpful here to understand most of the German language that was spoken. So what I gathered was the following (struggling a bit with my concentration): She discovered that everyone was speaking as with one voice, and reporters in the media were silenced when they spoke about or warned for the dangers of the injections. The same happened in religious organisations, including JWorg. She had done her own research and found, among other things an insert: a manual enclosed with medication that includes a section about side-effects. She had also found that people of all ages were dying… Read more »

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Leonardo Josephus

Thanks Ad Lang for clarity on this subject. My wife did bags of research and I was eventually convinced that it was not a good idea to have the insufficiently tested Covid vaccine. I am proud and most grateful to my wife to have stuck with this conviction, although I was in my 70s and “vulnerable”. I got just as much flack from non witnesses as from JWs on this subject, but I was very suspicious when the GB started claiming such a high percentage at Bethels had the vaccine. I did wonder what they had been told. Thus these… Read more »

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