The 2023 Annual Meeting of the Watch Tower, Bible and Tract Society has been widely criticized. But as they say, “every cloud has a silver lining”, and for me, this meeting has finally helped me comprehend what Jesus meant when he said: “The lamp of the body is the eye. If, then, your eye is simple, your whole body will be bright; but if your eye is wicked, your whole body will be dark. If in reality the light that is in you is darkness, how great that darkness is!” (Matthew 6:22, 23)

How can the “light in you be darkness”? Isn’t darkness the absence of light? So, how can light be darkness? We’re about to get an answer to that question because the 2023 Annual Meeting kicks off with two symposiums discussing “new light”. But if light can be darkness, then could we really be discussing “new darkness”?

In the verses we’ve just read, Jesus isn’t talking about new light as Witnesses think of it, but of the inner light that should guide our way in life. Jesus tells his disciples:

“You are the light of the world…let your light shine before men, so that they may see your fine works and give glory to your Father who is in the heavens.” (Matthew 5:16)

Are the men of the Governing Body, “the light of the world”? Does their light originate from God Almighty, or does it come from a different source?

Let’s hear what Kenneth Cook of the Governing Body wants his audience to believe.

We have arrived at another truly landmark annual meeting. This time, Jehovah has helped the faithful and discreet slave to discern deeper principles and understanding from that very same word of truth. And this understanding is now going to be passed on to you. Are you ready? Are you? Are you excited to hear it?

The assertion Kenneth Cook makes is worth restating: “This time, Jehovah has helped the faithful and discreet slave to discern deeper principles and understanding from that very same word of truth.”

We have to ask whether this time is any different from all the previous times that the Organization has changed its teachings under the guise of “new light from Jehovah God”?

Yes, it most assuredly is different this time. The reason is that this time the Organization is being investigated by many governments who are questioning its charitable status. It has already lost some government funding and protection because of its harmful shunning policy. It is currently experiencing its own child sexual abuse scandal and is fighting many lawsuits around the world. As a result of the free flow of information via social media, things that were hidden in darkness are now seeing the light of day.  As a consequence, revenue is down and the number of Jehovah’s Witnesses is declining. Confidence in the Governing Body hasn’t been this low since the failed prophecies of 1925 and 1975.

So it seems they see the need for some damage control, such as it is. I believe that is what the next talk is all about. Notice the theme as Kenneth Cook introduces the next speaker, new Governing Body member, Jeffrey Winder.

So let’s give our attention please, to Brother Jeffrey Winder, who will consider the theme how does the light get brighter?

“How Does the Light Get Brighter?” This talk is supposed to be a confidence builder. Jeffrey’s goal is to restore trust in the Governing Body as God’s channel, which is what it proports to be.

This talk makes for an exceptionally good case study on how to differentiate truth from falsehood, light from darkness because of the many falsehoods and deceptive techniques it contains. So many, in fact, that it feels like they’re being fired by machine gun.

In recent years, the annual meeting has been an occasion where clarified understanding of Bible truths, a new light, has been announced and explained.

Right off the bat we get first bullet of deceit. Jeffrey starts by saying that annual meetings are often occasions where “a clarified understanding of truth, new light, has been announced and explained.”

Essentially, he wants us to believe that they’re not abandoning any previous understanding of truth—let’s call that “old light,” shall we?  No, he wants you to believe that they’ve always taught you the truth, but previous doctrines just needed a little more clarification.  This is one of those buzzwords they use, like “refinement” and “adjustment”, to imply that the light of truth is just getting brighter. In other words, the former truth is still truth, but it just needs a little clarification.

“To clarify” is a verb that means to make things more clear, less confused, more comprehensible. So Jeffrey would have us believe that the term new light means merely adding more light to the light of truth already shining.

You may be surprised to learn that the founder of the Watch Tower Society, Charles Taze Russell, condemned the very concept of new light. He wrote the following in 1881 [By the way, I’ve added a few words in square brackets, you know, for clarification.]

If we were following a man [or a group of men] undoubtedly it would be different with us; undoubtedly one human idea would contradict another and that which was light one or two or six years ago would be regarded as darkness now: But with God there is no variableness, neither shadow of turning, and so it is with truth; any knowledge or light coming from God must be like its author. A new view of truth never can contradict a former truth. “New light” never extinguishes older “light,” but adds to it. If you were lighting up a building containing seven gas jets [used before the electric light bulb was invented] you would not extinguish one every time you lighted another, but would add one light to another and they would be in harmony and thus give increase of light: So is it with the light of truth; the true increase is by adding to, not by substituting one for another. (Zion’s Watchtower, February 1881, p. 3, par. 3)

Let us keep those words in mind, specifically the last sentence. To paraphrase Russell’s words, new light should add to the existing light, not replace it. We’ll bear that in mind every time Jeffrey and the other speakers talk about new light and clarified understanding, won’t we?

Of course, it’s not at every annual meeting that this takes place, but when Jehovah makes something known, often it’s at the annual meeting where it is announced.

So, it is Jehovah God who is directly responsible for these revelations, these clarifications of Bible truth. Remember Russell’s words: ”But with God there is no variableness…a new view of truth never can contradict a former truth.”

I think Brother Cook already spilled the beans a bit, but we look forward to see what is in store for our program. But have you ever wondered, though, how exactly does Jehovah reveal clarified understanding of the Scriptures, new light, in modern times? When the governing body is meeting together as the faithful and discreet slave, how does it work?

A key method for perpetuating a lie—a religious con, if you will—is to get your audience to accept your premise as a fundamental and unquestionable truth. Here, Jeffrey is working on the premise that his audience is fully in step with him, believing that Jehovah God reveals new light to the Governing Body, because those men constitute Christ’s faithful and discreet slave.

I’ve gone into great detail in my book, as well as through videos on this channel and articles on my web site, called Beroean Pickets, showing from Scripture how the leaders of the Organization have completely misapplied the parable of the faithful and discreet slave to exalt themselves over their flock.

Remember Paul’s rebuke to the Corinthians that we shared in the first video of this series covering the 2023 annual meeting? Here it is as a reminder of how similar things are today to the way they were in the Corinthian congregation of the first century.

“Since you are so “reasonable,” you gladly put up with the unreasonable ones. In fact, you put up with whoever enslaves you, whoever devours your possessions, whoever grabs what you have, whoever exalts himself over you, and whoever strikes you in the face.” (2 Corinthians 11:19, 20)

Is Jeffrey Winder being “reasonable” here? True, there is reasoning behind what he claims, but it is false reasoning, and he should know better. But if he were to abandon his reasoning, if he were to admit to himself just how unreasonable he and the rest of the men on the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses are being, he and they would lose any basis for exalting themselves over the flock.

If you would like to see the scriptural reasoning that disproves all the Governing Body’s claims about being the faithful and discreet slave, I’ll put some links to those videos and articles in the description field of this video as well as providing hyperlinks to the information at the end of this discussion.

Since Jeffrey assumes everyone in his audience is on board with the false premise that Jehovah speaks through the Governing Body, you might wonder why he is wasting time explaining the process. I can only speculate, but since the Internet has brought the Governing Body under a degree of scrutiny such as they have never before experienced, this seems to me like a little attempt at damage control on their part.

Let’s see what he says next.

How exactly does the light get brighter? How does Jehovah use that arrangement to clarify our understanding?

“How does Jehovah use that arrangement?” What arrangement? There is no arrangement. Jeffrey will explain what he believes this arrangement to be, so we’ll hold off further discussion of this topic until we get to his main point.

Well, first of all, what do we know from the Scriptures? Let’s look at four points. The first one is this: By what means does Jehovah reveal new light? Well, for that we can turn to 1 Corinthians, chapter two, and read together 1 Corinthians two, verse ten. “For it is to us God has revealed them through his spirit. For the spirit searches into all things, even the deep things of God.”

So clearly, by what means does Jehovah reveal new light? It’s by his spirit. We recognize the key role that Jehovah’s spirit has in revealing the truth.

Agreed, Jeffrey. “We recognize the key role that Jehovah’s spirit has in revealing the truth.” But in the context of this talk, this verse has been cherry-picked to support the false idea that the “us” in this verse refers to the Governing Body. But read the context. When Paul says, “it is to us”, he is referring to all Christians, because it was upon them, the Children of God, that God’s spirit was active, and it was to them that the sacred secret of salvation had been revealed.

Actually, Jeffrey’s first of four points takes the wind out of his sails, though he doesn’t know it yet. Because if we have God’s spirit, we don’t need a Governing Body. Witness now the testimony of the Apostle John on the matter of divine revelation through holy spirit:

“I have written these things to you about those who are trying to deceive you. And as for you, the anointing you received from Him remains in you, and you do not need anyone to teach you. But just as His true and genuine anointing teaches you about all things, so remain in Him as you have been taught.” (1 John 2:26, 27)

Those who have been freed from enslavement to men and who have come to know Christ and who have accepted the free gift of the holy spirit can testify to the truthfulness of what John tells us here.

Now, let’s get to Jeffrey’s second point.

Point two: To whom does Jehovah reveal clarified understanding?

Interesting how Jeffrey ignores the answer to his question even though he’s just read it in 1 Corinthians 2:10: “For it is to us God has revealed them through his spirit…” Jeffrey wants his audience to ignore what is right in front of their eyes and look to a different group of men for the revelation of divine truth.

Point two: To whom does Jehovah reveal clarified understanding? Well, for that we can turn to the book of Matthew, chapter 24 and read together matthew 24, verse 45. “Who really is the faithful and discreet slave whom his master appointed over his domestics to give them their food at the proper time?” So clearly, Christ has appointed the faithful and discreet slave, and it is through this channel that Jehovah, through Christ, works to provide spiritual food.

If you’re new to Watch Tower theology, let me explain what Jeffrey Winder is referring to here. Since 2012, the Governing Body has claimed that the leadership of the Organization was appointed in 1919 by Jesus Christ himself as the faithful and discreet slave.

There is no scriptural basis for this claim, but this is not the time or place to get into that. A full discussion is available to you, and we’ve put links in the description of this video as well as at its conclusion to articles and videos that analyze Jesus’ parable fully. However, if you’re unfamiliar with what Jesus actually says on this matter, why not stop the video for a moment and read Matthew 24:45-51 and Luke 12:41-48. I’ll be here when you get back.

Now, let’s focus again on the misapplication Jeffrey is putting to this parable of the faithful and discreet slave. Does Jesus say anything about Jehovah providing holy spirit to the slave? Does it even say that Jehovah is giving this slave food to distribute? Isn’t it the job of the master of the house to provide his slaves with food? Isn’t Jesus depicting himself as the only master or Lord of the slaves? Further, does Jesus say what the food consists of? Is there any mention here of the food representing “clarified understandings of Bible Truth” AKA JW new light?

Let’s now look at the third point that Jeffrey uses to explain how he believes Jehovah reveals new light and clarified understandings to Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Question number 3: When does Jehovah reveal new light? Well, we just have to look back to verse 45, Matthew 24. “The slave will provide the food at the proper time.” There’s a clear timing element indicated there, isn’t there? And so, Jehovah reveals clarified understanding at his time when it is needed and when it will help us to carry out his will.

To repeat, Jeffrey’s third question is, “When does Jehovah reveal new light?”

And his answer to that question is: “Jehovah reveals clarified understanding at his time when it is needed and when it will help us to carry out his will.”

I’m not trying to be offensive, but if we take Jeffrey’s reasoning to its logical end, we must conclude that J. F. Rutherford’s prediction that the end would come in 1925 helped to carry out Jehovah’s will, or that the Organization’s 1975 prophetic fiasco somehow was needed and that’s why Jehovah revealed this food to Nathan Knorr and Fred Franz in the mid1960s.

Well, there’s only one more point to consider, so let’s hear it now.

Number 4: at what rate does he reveal new light? Is it all at once like a dump truck? Or is it metered out like a trickle? Well, the answer to that is found in the Book of Proverbs, chapter four in verse 18.

We are about to get to Jehovah’s arrangement—remember that from earlier? This single verse that he’s about to read, written about 2,700 years ago, is the Governing Body’s sole excuse for all the doctrinal missteps they’ve fostered on Jehovah’s Witnesses for the past one hundred years.

Proverbs 4:18. “But the path of the righteous is like the bright morning light that grows brighter and brighter until full daylight.”

So, the Bible here uses the illustration of daylight. And what does that teach us? Well, the Watchtower said these words aptly apply to the way in which Jehovah reveals his purpose to his people gradually. So, just as daylight grows brighter and brighter gradually, a proper understanding of Bible truths comes gradually as we need it and as we are able to absorb it and use it. And we appreciate that, don’t we?

Watch Tower leaders have used this verse for as long as I can remember to excuse all their doctrinal errors and failed prophetic interpretations. But this verse has nothing to do with what JWs call “new light”. We can see that by the context.

“But the path of the righteous is like the bright morning light That grows brighter and brighter until full daylight. The way of the wicked is like the darkness; They do not know what makes them stumble.” (Proverbs 4:18, 19)

This proverb was written about 700 years before Christ. Did Jehovah God inspire the writing of this verse thousands of years ago to explain how he would reveal Bible truth to the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses in the 20th and 21st century? Is this verse talking about prophetic revelations? All it says is that the path of a righteous person, the way he or she walks through the course of his or her life becomes clearer and clearer as time goes by. Then it contrasts this path with the way of wicked people who continually walk in darkness and who are stumbling all the time and can’t even see what is causing them to stumble.

Which situation best describes the men of the Governing Body?

I would say that it is the latter. I base that on my personal lifelong experience as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses.  I’ve lived through decades of so-called new light, and I can assure you with full confidence that the light of truth hasn’t gotten brighter and brighter as Jeffrey wants you to believe.

We are not fools. We know what it means for light to get gradually brighter, and that doesn’t describe the history of Watchtower new light. Let me illustrate it for you with something we’re all familiar with: A common light switch with a dimmer control. Some have a dial, others a slide, but we all know that as you gradually move it from the off position to fully on, the light in the room gets steadily brighter. It doesn’t go off, then on, then off, then on, then off, then on, then off, before finally coming fully on, does it?

I bring this up, because in the next talk of this symposium, the speaker is going to reveal some of the new light that Jeffrey is preparing his audience to receive. I’ll cover that talk in the next video. Spoiler alert: One of the items that will be covered is the question of whether the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah will be resurrected or not.

The Organization’s official answer to that question has gone from Yes to No and back again a total of eight times.  Eight times! I believe this will now count as number nine. This is hardly the only example of doctrinal flip-flops, but seriously, does that fit the picture of light getting brighter, or is it more like stumbling around in the dark?

Of course, the Governing Body doesn’t want its followers to realize that, and the majority of Jehovah’s Witnesses today haven’t lived through decades of changes like I have.  So, you’ll hear no mention of that flip-flopping history.  Instead, the Governing Body through this talk of Jeffrey’s is preparing the minds of their listeners with the idea that all the changes they’re about to receive from the alleged Faithful and Discreet Slave are just the result of a refined understanding granted to them by Jehovah God. They hope to keep their flock enthralled, trusting in these men to lead them into an uncertain and potentially dangerous future.

And we appreciate that, don’t we? It’s easier on our eyes when literal light gets brighter gradually. And so it is with understanding of Jehovah’s purpose as well. For example, think about Abraham. Could Abraham have handled and absorbed a complete understanding of Jehovah’s will at his time? How he would use the twelve tribes of Israel, the Mosaic Law, the understanding of Christ and the payment of the ransom, and the first century Christian congregation, the heavenly Hope, the last days, details about the Great Tribulation? No way. He couldn’t handle all of that. He didn’t need it. But Abraham had what he needed to serve Jehovah acceptably during the time that he lived. Well, we have the privilege to live during the last days where true knowledge was foretold to become abundant. But even still it is released and made known at a pace that we can absorb, that we can handle, and that we can use. And we thank Jehovah for that. Jeffrey’s right, to a point. This is a good example of a half-truth. What he says about Abraham is correct. He could not have handled all the truth. Jesus says the same thing about his disciples.

“I still have many things to say to you, but you are not able to bear them now.” (John 16:12)

But here’s the thing. All that was about to change as Jesus’ next words indicate:

“However, when that one comes, the spirit of the truth, he will guide you into all the truth, for he will not speak of his own initiative, but what he hears he will speak, and he will declare to you the things to come. That one will glorify me, because he will receive from what is mine and will declare it to you.” (John 16:13, 14)

The time for all truth to be revealed was during the last days of the house of Israel, just as Peter declared after the spirit was poured out on him and the 120 gathered at Pentecost. (Read Acts chapter 2)

What was kept secret from Abraham was revealed to Christians once the holy spirit was poured out. The sacred secret was unveiled. Jeffrey just read from 1 Corinthians 2:10, but he ignores the fact that this passage disproves the point he is now making, that truth is revealed gradually. Let’s see that for ourselves by reading the context.

“It is this wisdom that none of the rulers of this system of things came to know, for if they had known it, they would not have executed the glorious Lord. [Those rulers include the Scribes, Pharisees, and Jewish leaders, their Governing Body] But just as it is written: “Eye has not seen and ear has not heard, nor have there been conceived in the heart of man the things that God has prepared for those who love him.” [Yes, the understanding of this truth was hidden from Abraham, Moses, Daniel, and all the prophets] For it is to us God has revealed them through his spirit, for the spirit searches into all things, even the deep things of God.” (1 Corinthians 2:8-10)

Jeffrey wants us to believe the lie that Jehovah reveals truth progressively. But there is nothing we know now that the first century Christians didn’t already know. They got their understanding through holy spirit, not through a piecemeal, error-prone process of gradual revelations from a bumbling-along group of men over the course of decades. There is nothing understood now that wasn’t understood then. To suggest otherwise, it to suggest that we are getting inspiration into the deep things of God that they didn’.

When Jeffrey tells his audience that the true knowledge will become abundant in the time of the end, he is quoting from Daniel 12:4.

“As for you, Daniel, keep the words secret, and seal up the book until the time of the end. Many will rove about, and the true knowledge will become abundant.”” (Daniel 12:4)

An exegetical analysis of Daniel 12 reveals that it was fulfilled in the first century. (I’ll put a link in the description and at the end of this video.) The true knowledge became abundant and was revealed under inspiration by the Christian Bible writers, not by the uninspired, oh-so-fallible writers of the Watchtower magazine.

One last thing: Going back to John 16:13, 14, did you catch the significance of the last statement our Lord made concerning the role of the holy spirit?

“That one [the spirit of truth] will glorify me, because he will receive from what is mine and will declare it to you.” (John 16:14)

So, if the Governing Body is receiving holy spirit, receiving from Jesus what is his and declaring it to us, then they, the spirit-anointed men of the Governing Body, will demonstrate they are speaking by holy spirit by glorifying Jesus, because that is what the spirit of truth does—it glorifies Jesus. Does Jeffrey do that?

Did you notice how often he refers to Jehovah by name in his talk? 33 times. What about the Governing Body? 11 times. Faithful and Discreet Slave? 8 times. And Jesus, how often did he mention Jesus? How often did he glorify our Lord? I ran a search on the talk transcript and I didn’t find a single reference to the name Jesus.

Jehovah, 33;

Governing Body, 11;

Faithful and Discreet Slave, 8;

Jesus, 0.

Remember, those speaking by the spirit of truth, glorify the Lord Jesus. That’s what the Bible says.

Before we get into the next clip, I want to share something with you from my personal experience. We all make mistakes. We all sin. We all have at one time or another caused someone some harm or hurt. What does Jesus tell us to do in such cases? He tells us to repent, which for most of us usually starts off with a sincere apology to the one we’ve offended, inconvenienced, hindered, or harmed by our words or actions.

Jesus tells us: “If, then, you are bringing your gift to the altar and there you remember that your brother has something against you, leave your gift there in front of the altar, and go away. First make your peace with your brother, and then come back and offer your gift.” (Matthew 5:23, 24)

Jesus tells us that it is more important to make peace with your brother or sister who feels they have something against you, then to offer your gift, your sacrifice of praise, to Jehovah.

I’ve found this to be the litmus test for determining heart condition. For many people, simply saying “I’m sorry…” or “I apologize…” is impossible. If a person is unable to apologize for any harm done to a fellow human, then the spirit of God is not in them.

Now let’s listen to what Jeffrey Winder has to say.

But every time they come up with a change, every time, they claim it to be new light from Jehovah. But how can it be new light from Jehovah since anything Jehovah reveals never needs to be adjusted or refined? Jehovah doesn’t make mistakes or get things wrong. So, if any adjustments are needed, it is due to the error of men.

So then, what happens when you men of the Governing Body run ahead of God and proclaim something as new light from Jehovah, only to change it or reverse it totally years later? Jehovah’s Witnesses have put faith in your words, believing that what you’ve printed in the Watchtower is truth from God. They have often made serious life-altering decisions based on what you’ve taught them. Decision like whether or not to marry, have children, go to college, and many more. So, what happens when it turns out you got it all wrong? According to Jeffrey Winder, you men of the Governing Body have no need to feel embarrassed nor are you under any requirement to apologize because you were just doing things the way Jehovah wants them done.

This is not a question of “Oops! I guess we got that wrong. Well, no harm done. After all, nobody’s perfect.”

Let me list just a few of the things your precious Governing Body has done in the past, for which they claim no responsibility, and for which they see no need to apologize because they were just doing God’s will—following orders as it were:

In 1972, they declared that a woman whose husband was having sex with another man, or even with an animal, was not free to Scripturally divorce him and remarry. They wrote this in a “Questions From Readers” article:

While both homosexuality and bestiality are disgusting perversions, in the case of neither one is the marriage tie broken. (w72 1/1 p. 32 Questions From Readers)

It took them a full year to reverse that position. According to what Jeffrey tells us, it wasn’t Jehovah’s time to clarify the organization’s understanding on what “fornication” really means.

Imagine being a woman who was disfellowshipped for adultery after divorcing her husband for bestiality, only to learn some time later that they changed this rule, and then being told that despite being humiliated and shunned, no apology was forthcoming from the rulemakers.

To give you another example, they claimed that accepting certain forms of alternative military service in some countries with compulsory military service, was a violation of Christian neutrality, this from the men who engaged in a 10-year affiliation with the U.N. As a consequence of the Governing Body’s decision, claiming this came from Jehovah, many young men suffered in prison for years from accepting that as new light from Jehovah. When that position of the Governing Body changed, were those men given an apology for the loss of freedom, beatings, and persecution they endured all for no reason at all?

We could also discuss the effect their failed predictions have had on the life decisions of millions, but the point is, they are unwilling to accept any responsibility for how their teachings have affected others.

Remember, that obedience to these beams of new light was not optional. If you disobeyed, you would be shunned, cut off from all your family and friends.

When things go wrong, a narcissist will always blame someone else. A narcissist takes all the credit, but none of the blame. Narcissism means never having to say you’re sorry.

Since the only one to blame for getting things wrong is Jehovah, they put it all on him. They call it his arrangement.  New light comes from him, and if some were harmed, well, it just wasn’t God’s time to clarify things. Too bad, so sad.

That’s wicked. It’s blasphemous and it’s evil.

And yet Jeffrey says it as calmly and as naturally as can be.

And also the Governing Body is neither inspired nor infallible, and so it can err in doctrinal matters or in organizational direction. The brothers do the best they can with what they have and what they understand at the time, but are happy if Jehovah sees fit to clarify matters, and then that can be shared with the brotherhood. And when that happens, we understand it’s because it’s Jehovah’s time for that to happen, and we eagerly accept that.

“We are neither inspired nor infallible.” No argument there, Jeffrey. But that’s no excuse for harming others and then claiming you have no responsibility toward them, no need to say you’re sorry. And if you so readily admit you make mistakes, then why do you punish anyone who disagrees with you? Why do you force every Jehovah’s Witness to shun a brother or sister simply because they disagree with one of your uninspired, fallible interpretations?

You say you’re uninspired, but you act like you are inspired. And the worst of it is that Jehovah’s Witnesses put up with this! Your shunning policy is a punishment, a slap in the face, a means to control anyone who disagrees with your new light.  Just as Paul said to the Corinthians, so we can say about Jehovah’s Witnesses, that “you put up with whoever enslaves you, whoever devours your possessions, whoever grabs what you have, whoever exalts himself over you, and whoever strikes you in the face.” (2 Corinthians 11:20)

I’m going to jump to the end, because Jeffrey Winder spends the rest of his talk discussing how the Governing Body arrives as its new light, its clarified understanding of truth, and frankly, who cares. It’s not the process we are concerned with, but the fruits of that process. Jesus told us to recognize the lawless one by the rotten fruit he produces.

But I will draw your attention to one important statement. I say “important” because if you have family or friends who accept this statement as true, it could result in their death. No, I’m not being overly dramatic.

And while it is interesting to us how our understanding is clarified, what really touches our heart is why it’s clarified. Turn with me, please, to the book of Amos, chapter three. And notice what Amos 3:7 says, “For the Sovereign Lord Jehovah will not do a thing unless he has revealed his confidential matter to his servants, the prophets.”

Doesn’t that convey Jehovah’s confidence in us? Doesn’t it indicate his love, his loyalty?

Jehovah is actively involved in teaching his people, preparing us for what lies ahead. He is providing us with the understanding that we need, when we need it. And that is reassuring, isn’t it? Because as we progress deeper into the time of the end, as Satan’s hatred intensifies and his attacks increase, as we draw closer to the great tribulation and the destruction of Satan’s wicked system of things, we can be confident that Jehovah God, our God, will continue to loyally provide us with the direction and the understanding that we need. We will not be left without guidance, unsure where to go or what to do. We will not be left to stumble in the dark, because Jehovah has said the path of the righteous one is like the bright morning light that grows brighter and brighter until full daylight. The Governing Body has always denied that they are false prophets. They claim that the label “prophet” doesn’t apply to them because they are not inspired. Their excuse is that they are merely men who are trying to understand the scriptures. Well boys, you can’t have it both ways. You can’t lay claim to what Amos says and then say that you are not inspired.

“For the Sovereign Lord Jehovah will not do a thing Unless he has revealed his confidential matter to his servants the prophets.” (Amos 3:7)

Is there any record in the entire Bible where the righteous prophets of Jehovah acted like the Governing Body? Are there accounts of the prophets getting things wrong, then having to issue new light, which they also got wrong, and then through a long process of new light replacing old light, did they eventually get it right? No, absolutely not! When the prophets prophesied, they either got it right or they got it wrong, and when they got it wrong, they were declared to be false prophets, and under the Mosaic law, they were to be taken outside the camp and stoned. (Deuteronomy 18:20-22)

Here we have Jeffrey Winder claiming that the Governing Body will be informed by God of “his confidential matter” and so the rank-and-file need have no fear of what the future holds. He says, “as we draw closer to the great tribulation and the destruction of Satan’s wicked system of things, we can be confident that Jehovah God, our God, will continue to loyally provide us with the direction and the understanding that we need.”

Really Jeffrey?! Because we’re not seeing it.  What we see as we look back over the last 100 years is the so-called JW faithful and discreet slave bumbling around bouncing from one interpretation to another. But you now expect your followers to put their lives in your hands. You claim, “we will not be left without guidance, unsure where to go or what to do. We will not be left to stumble in the dark, because Jehovah has said the path of the righteous one is like the bright morning light that grows brighter and brighter until full daylight.

But to not stumble in the dark, you have to be righteous men. Where’s the evidence of that? One of Satan’s ministers of righteousness proclaims his righteousness for all to see, but it’s just a disguise. A truly righteous man or woman doesn’t boast of it. They let their works speak for themselves. Words are cheap, Jeffrey. Deeds speak with clarity.

This talk has been preparing the ground for some truly remarkable changes in the hope, policies, and practices of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Witnesses are likely to welcome these changes. I love it when a headache finally goes away. Don’t we all? But we shouldn’t let that relief lull us into not questioning why the headache started in the first place.

If I’m being too cryptic, let me put it another way. These changes are so unprecedented that they portend something major down the line, something we cannot ignore if we are still connected to and affected by the Organization, as many are with family members and friends still caught up in it.

There is more to come as we examine the next talks and try to reason out the motivation for the extraordinary changes the Organization is making.

This discussion has been a long one. Thank you for bearing with me. And a special thank you to all who are supporting us so that we can keep doing this work.




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Dear Meleti… Ditto! Another true and accurate appraisal of the Gov Body! I oft wonder what is really going on in their heads? I o w…do they really believe what they are saying, or are they knowingly, and intentionally misleading their people? The Gov bod is completely full of themselves, and over the rails…like a bad train wreck, they just keep piling up the damage, with one lie on top of another. I’m always amazed at how they get away with it over, and over again as their followers…(nearly my entire family) just bury their heads in the sand, and… Read more »


All Scriptures regarding apologies;begging for forgiveness;asking for mercy;one’s recognition that they’re a sinner and need to make amends with a specific person,with wronged fellow Christians;mankind & to God & Christ..?
Nope!! Nada,Pas des choses..the entire knowledge of & recognition of one of the MOST BASIC aspects of being Christian??Nonexistent in this
& other talks.
Instead..arrogance..narcissim..and the height of deceptions…masquerading as “the”premier & only-approved example of Christian Love—??! (I am laughing at this complete absurdity) Yes,this organization(to which I faithfully-drudged for 36 active years until waking up & away from,since 2015) is 100% on it’s way to proving it’s true character.


***Hope all here understand,this all applies to the organization!!***
Excellent,sharp analysis again Eric,
Thank you again brother in Christ!

Meleti Vivlon

Articles by Meleti Vivlon.