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Jehovah’s Witnesses: Religion, Club, Sect or Cult?

[Contributed by Graham Vern]  When a person becomes one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, they primarily join an association, in truth, a club. This might sound outlandish, if not extreme, especially when most believe it to be a benign, albeit quirky religion. But let’s...

“They will rule as kings …” – What is a king?

The "Saving Humanity" articles and the recent ones about the resurrection hope have covered a part of a continuing discussion: will Christians who have endured be going to heaven, or be connected with the earth as we know it now.  I did this research when I realised...

The Merit of Works and Jehovah’s Witnesses

[This article has been republished with the author's permission from his own web site.] Jehovah’s Witness doctrine about the application of Jesus’ teaching of the Sheep and the Goats in chapter 25 of Matthew has some similarity with the Roman Catholicism’s teaching...




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