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Watchtower Music Videos

You may recall this image taken from the July, 2016 Watchtower Study Edition, p. 7.  You can find our review of that particular study article here.  The theme of the article was “Why Must We ‘Keep on the Watch?’” At the time, this reviewer felt that the new rule...

A Fairy Godmother Religion

I’ve been thinking about the theme of this year’s Regional Convention: Don’t Give Up!  It’s an oddly prosaic theme, don’t you think?  What is its purpose? That brought to mind a recent discussion with a close friend who asked what congregation I was now attending....

Benefiting from the 2016 Regional Convention

The Organization seems to be preparing the congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses for some drastic changes in the direction of our preaching. Will this become a reality? If so, what effect will it have on the “kings of the earth”.




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