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The Two Witnesses, Second Woe, Final Act

If you have read the article on the Two Witnesses of Revelation 7:1-13, you’ll recall that there is strong evidence to support the idea that this prophecy has yet to be fulfilled.  (Our current official position is that it was fulfilled from 1914 to 1919.)  In fact, a...

Four Horsemen at the Gallop

Chapter 16 of the Revelation Climax book deals with Rev. 6:1-17 which reveals the four horsemen of the Apocalypse and is said to have its fulfillment “from 1914 up to the destruction of this system of things”.  (re p. 89, heading) The first horsemen is described in...

The Messenger of the Covenant and 1918

Continuing our analysis of the Revelation Climax book for date-related prophecies, we come to chapter 6 and the first occurrence of the "messenger of the covenant" prophecy from Malachi 3:1.  As one of the ripple effects of our teaching that the Lord’s day began in...

The Lord's Day and 1914

This is the first in a series of posts investigating the impact of removing 1914 as a factor in the interpretation of Bible prophecy.  We are using the Revelation Climax book as the basis for this study because of all the books covering Bible prophecy, it has the most...

The Two Witnesses—Is Rev. 11 Pointing to a Future Fulfillment?

Revelation 11:1-13 relates a vision of two witnesses who are killed and then resurrected.  Here’s a synopsis of our interpretation of that vision. The two witnesses represent the anointed.  The anointed are trampled upon (persecuted) by the nations for a literal 42...

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