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Salvation, Part 5: The Children of God

What role do the Children of God play in the salvation of Mankind? What is the “one-chance doctrine” of salvation and why is it taught so extensively? Does God truly give every human an equal opportunity to be saved?

Salvation, Part 4: All in the Family

The previous article dealt with the two rival seeds that contend with one another throughout time until the culmination of the salvation of humankind.  We are now in the fourth installment of this series and yet we've never actually stopped to ask the question: What...


I was raised a Jehovah’s Witness.  I’m approaching seventy now, and during the years of my life, I’ve worked in two Bethels, had a lead role in a number of special Bethel projects, served as a “need greater” in two Spanish-speaking countries, given talks at...

Salvation, Part 3: The Seed

Who is the woman of Genesis 3:15? How did God put enmity between her and Satan? Why did he prophesy the creation of two lines of offspring and who are these?

Salvation, Part 2: Paradise Lost

In this second article in the “Our Salvation” series, we go back to the beginning to understand what was lost and thereby get an idea of what salvation includes.




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