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Examining Matthew 24, Part 7: The Great Tribulation

Matthew 24:21 speaks of “great tribulation” to come upon Jerusalem which occurred during 66 to 70 C.E. Revelation 7:14 also speaks of “great tribulation”. Are these two events connected in some way? Or is the Bible speaking about two entirely different tribulations, totally unrelated to one another? This presentation will attempt to demonstrate what each scripture is referring to and how that understanding affects all Christians today.

For information about the new policy of to not accept antitypes not declared in Scripture, see this article:

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The Devil's Great Con Job

Why do we hold on to 1914 so tenaciously?  Is it not because a war broke out in that year?   A really big war, at that. In fact, “the war to end all wars.”  Challenge 1914 to the average Witness and they won’t come at you with counter-arguments about the end of the...

Is Armageddon Part of the Great Tribulation?

This essay was supposed to be brief.  After all, it was only dealing with one simple point: How can Armageddon be part of the great tribulation when Mt. 24:29 clearly says it comes after the tribulation has ended?  Nevertheless, as I developed the line of reasoning,...




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