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Walking the Path to Christian Freedom

Beroean Pickets – Reviewer
Walking the Path to Christian Freedom

2017, May 22 – 28, Our Christian Life and Ministry

Treasures from Gods Word: “Stop ‘Seeking Great Things for Yourself’” Jeremiah 45:2,3– Baruch’s wrong thinking caused him distress (jr 103 para 2) As a sign of the true quality of the spiritual food we receive from the organization these days, the eagle eyed will have...

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New “Our Salvation” Article Posted!

Part 5 of the Our Salvation Series has been posted on Beroean Bible Study forum.  If you would like to read the article, click here.  If you would like to be notified of future articles, visit the Beroean Bible Study site and enter your e-mail address under the Get...

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A Fairy Godmother Religion

I’ve been thinking about the theme of this year’s Regional Convention: Don’t Give Up!  It’s an oddly prosaic theme, don’t you think?  What is its purpose? That brought to mind a recent discussion with a close friend who asked what congregation I was now attending....

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2017, May 15 – 21 Our Christian Life and Ministry

Treasures from Gods Word: Jehovah Will Render to Each One According to His Works Jeremiah 39:4-7 – Zedekiah suffered the consequences of disobeying Jehovah While it is true that Zedekiah suffered terrible consequences personally, we should also not forget that he was...

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2017, May 8-14 – Our Christian Life and Ministry

Treasures from Gods Word: Ebed-melech- An Example of Bravery and Kindness Jeremiah 38:4-6 – Zedekiah gave in to fear of man Zedekiah failed by giving way to fear of man in allowing injustice to be meted out to Jeremiah, when it was within his power to stop it.  How...

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Exercise Faith—Decide Wisely

[From ws3/17 p. 13 May 8-14] “Keep asking in faith, not doubting at all.” — Jas 1:6. The one recurring accusation that Jesus made against the religious leaders of the nation of Israel was that they were hypocrites.  A hypocrite pretends to be something he is not.  He...

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