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How Did the Bible Come to Us, and Is It Truly the Word of God? Eric Wilson: Welcome.  There are many who after leaving the organization of Jehovah's Witnesses lose all faith in God and doubt that the Bible contains his word to guide us to life. This is so sad because the fact that men have misled us...

The Role of Women in the Christian Congregation (Part 4): Can Women Pray and Teach?

Paul appears to be telling us at 1 Corinthians 14:33, 34 that women are to be silent in congregation meetings and wait to get home to ask their husbands if they have any questions. This contradicts Paul’s earlier words at 1 Corinthians 11:5, 13 allowing women to both pray and prophecy in congregation meetings. How can we resolve this apparent contradiction in God’s word?

The Role of Women in the Christian Congregation (Part 1): Introduction

The role within the body of Christ which women are to play has been misconstrued and misapplied by men for hundreds of years. It is time to put off all the preconceptions and bias that both sexes have been fed by the religious leaders of the various denominations of Christendom and pay heed to what God wants us to do. This video series will explore the role of women within the great purpose of God by allowing the Scriptures to speak for themselves while unmasking the many attempts men have made to twist their meaning as they fulfill God’s words at Genesis 3:16.

By Condeming “Despicable Apostates”, has the Governing Body Condemned Themselves?

Recently, the Organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses released a video in which one of their members condemns apostates and other “enemies”. The video was entitled: “Anthony Morris III: Jehovah Will “Carry It Out” (Isa. 46:11)” and can be found by following this link:

Was he right to condemn those who oppose the teachings of Jehovah’s Witnesses in this way, or do the scriptures he uses to condemn others actually end up backfiring on the organization’s leadership?

The Judicial System of Jehovah’s Witnesses: From God or Satan?

In an effort to keep the congregation clean, Jehovah’s Witnesses disfellowship (shun) all unrepentant sinners. They base this policy on the words of Jesus as well as the apostles Paul and John. Many characterize this policy as cruel. Are Witnesses being unjustly maligned for simply obeying the commands of God, or are they using scripture as an excuse to practice wickedness? Only by strictly following the Bible’s direction can they truly claim that they have God’s approval, otherwise, their works could identify them as “workers of lawlessness”. (Matthew 7:23)

Which is it? This video and the next will attempt to answer those questions definitively.

Media, Money, Meetings, and Me Hello everyone and thanks for joining me. Today I wanted to talk on four topics: media, money, meetings and me. Beginning with media, I’m specifically referring to the publication of a new book called Fear to Freedom which was put together...

Examining the Trinity: Part 1, What does history teach us?

Eric: Hello, my name is Eric Wilson. The video you are about to see was recorded several weeks ago, but due to illness, I was not able to complete it until now.  It will be the first of several videos analyzing the doctrine of the Trinity. I’m doing the video with Dr....

What is your Thorn in the Flesh?

I was just reading 2 Corinthians where Paul talks about being afflicted with a thorn in the flesh.  Do you remember that part?  As a Jehovah’s Witness, I was taught that he was likely referring to his bad eyesight.  I never liked that interpretation.  It just seemed...

Conspiracy Theories and the Great Trickster

Hello everyone. I’ve been getting emails and comments asking what has happened to the videos. Well, the answer is quite simple. I’ve been sick, so production has fallen off.  I’m better now.  Don’t worry. It wasn’t COVID-19, just a case of Shingles.  Apparently, I had...

Examining Matthew 24, Part 13: The Parable of the Sheep and the Goats

Witness leadership use the Parable of the Sheep and the Goats to claim that the salvation of the “Other Sheep” depends on their obedience to the instructions of the Governing Body. They allege that this parable “proves” that there is a two-class system of salvation with 144,000 going to heaven, while the rest live as sinners on earth for the 1,000 years. Is that the true meaning of this parable or do Witnesses have it all wrong? Join us to examin the evidence and decide for yourself.

Examining Matthew 24, Part 12: The Faithful and Discreet Slave

Jehovah’s Witnesses contend that the men (currently 8) making up their governing body constitute a fulfillment of what they consider to be the prophecy of the faithful and discreet slave referred to at Matthew 24:45-47. Is this accurate or merely a self-serving interpretation? If the latter, then what or who is the faithful and discreet slave, and what of the other three slaves that Jesus refers to in Luke’s parallel account?

This video will attempt to answer all these questions using Scriptural context and reasoning.

Examining Matthew 24, Part 11: The Parables from the Mount of Olives

There are four parables that our Lord left us in his final discourse on the Mount of Olives. How do these relate to us today? How has the organization misapplied these parables and what harm has that done? We will begin our discussion with an explanation of the true nature of parables.

Examining Matthew 24, Part 10: The Sign of Christ’s Presence

Welcome back. This is part 10 of our exegetical analysis of Matthew 24. Up to this point, we have spent a lot of time cutting away all the false teachings and false prophetic interpretations that have done so much damage to the faith of millions of sincere and...

Examining Matthew 24, Part 9: Exposing the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ Generation Doctrine as False

For over 100 years, Jehovah’s Witnesses have been predicting that Armageddon is just around the corner, based largely on their interpretation of Matthew 24:34 which speaks of a “generation” that will see both the end and the beginning of the last days. The question is, are they getting it wrong about which last days Jesus was referring to? Is there a way to determine the answer from Scripture in a way that leaves no room for doubt. Indeed, there is as this video will demonstrate.

Examining Matthew 24, Part 8: Pulling the Linchpin from the 1914 Doctrine

As hard as it may be to believe, the entire foundation of the religion of Jehovah’s Witnesses is based on the interpretation of a single Bible verse. If the understanding they have of that verse can be shown to be wrong, their entire religious identity goes away. This video will examine that Bible verse and put the foundational doctrine of 1914 under a scriptural microscope.

Examining Matthew 24, Part 7: The Great Tribulation

Matthew 24:21 speaks of “great tribulation” to come upon Jerusalem which occurred during 66 to 70 C.E. Revelation 7:14 also speaks of “great tribulation”. Are these two events connected in some way? Or is the Bible speaking about two entirely different tribulations, totally unrelated to one another? This presentation will attempt to demonstrate what each scripture is referring to and how that understanding affects all Christians today.

For information about the new policy of to not accept antitypes not declared in Scripture, see this article:

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Stephen Lett and the Sign of the Coronavirus

Okay, this definitely falls into the category of “Here we go again”. What am I talking about? Rather than tell you, let me show you. This excerpt is from a recent video from  And you can see from it, probably, what do I mean by “here we go again”.  What I mean...

Have Jehovah’s Witnesses Reached the Tipping Point?

While the 2019 Service Report seems to indicate that there is on-going growth in the Organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses, there is shocking news out of Canada to indicate that the figures have been cooked and in fact the organization is shrinking far faster than anyone had imagined.

Bible Musings: Are we missing the point? In response to the last video—Part 5—in the Matthew 24 series, one of the regular viewers sent me an email asking about how two seemingly related passages can be understood.  Some would call these problematic passages. Bible scholars...

Examining Matthew 24, Part 5: The Answer!

This is now the fifth video in our series on Matthew 24. Do you recognize this musical refrain? You can't always get what you want But if you try sometimes, well, you might find You get what you need… Rolling Stones, right?  It’s very true. The disciples wanted to...

Examining Matthew 24, Part 4: “The End”

Hi, my name’s Eric Wilson.  There is another Eric Wilson on the Internet doing Bible-based videos but he is not connected to me in any way. So, if you do a search on my name but come up with the other guy, try instead my alias, Meleti Vivlon. I used that alias for...

Examining Matthew 24; Part 3: Preaching in All the Inhabited Earth

Was Matthew 24:14 given to us as a means to measure how close we are to the return of Jesus? Does it speak of a worldwide preaching work to warn all humanity of their looming doom and eternal destruction? Witnesses believe they alone have this commission and that their preaching work is life saving? Is that the case, or are they actually working against God’s purpose. This video will endeavour to answer those questions.

Examining Matthew 24, Part 2: The Warning

In our last video we examined the question asked of Jesus by four of his apostles as recorded at Matthew 24:3, Mark 13:2, and Luke 21:7. We learned that they wanted to know when the things he had prophesied – specifically the destruction of Jerusalem and its temple –...

Examining Matthew 24, Part 1: The Question As promised in my previous video, we will now discuss what is at times called “Jesus’ prophesy of the last days” which is recorded in Matthew 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21.  Because this prophecy is so central to the teachings of Jehovah’s...

Is the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses a False Prophet?

Hello everyone.  Good of you to join us.  I’m Eric Wilson, also known as Meleti Vivlon; the alias I used for years when I was just trying to study the Bible free from indoctrination and wasn’t yet ready to endure the persecution that inevitably comes when a Witness...

Update on the Judicial Hearing and Where We Are Going from Here

This will be a short video. I wanted to get it out quickly because I am moving to a new apartment, and that’s going to slow me down for a few weeks with regard to the output of more videos. A good friend and fellow Christian has generously opened his home to me and...

Learning How to Fish: The Benefits of Exegetical Bible Study

Hello. My name is Eric Wilson. And today I'm going to teach you how to fish. Now you may think that's odd because  you probably started this video thinking it's on the Bible. Well, it is. There is an expression: give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; but teach...

The Nature of God’s Son: Who Cast Down Satan and When?

Hello, Eric Wilson here. I’ve been surprised by the reaction my last video provoked from the Jehovah’s Witnesses community defending the JW doctrine that Jesus is Michael the Archangel.  Initially, I didn’t think this doctrine was that critical to the theology of...

The Nature of God’s Son: Is Jesus the Archangel Michael?

In a recent video I produced, one of the commenters took exception to my statement that Jesus isn’t Michael the Archangel.  The belief that Michael is the pre-human Jesus is held by Jehovah’s Witnesses and Seventh Day Adventists, among others. Have witnesses uncovered...

A Jehovah’s Witnesses Elder Is Tried for Apostasy   I've just posted the video of my April 1st judicial hearing at the Aldershot congregation Kingdom hall in Burlington, Ontario, Canada as well as the followup appeal committee hearing.  Both are very revealing about the true nature...

Does God Exist?

After leaving the religion of Jehovah’s Witnesses, many lose their faith in the existence of God. It seems that these ones had faith not in Jehovah but in the organization, and with that gone, so was their faith. These often turn to evolution which is built on the premise that all things evolved by random chance. Is there proof of this, or can it be disproved scientifically? Likewise, can the existence of God be proven by science, or is it just a matter of blind faith? This video will attempt to answer these questions.

Awakening: “Religion Is a Snare and a Racket”

“For God “subjected all things under his feet.” But when he says that ‘all things have been subjected,’ it is evident that this does not include the One who subjected all things to him.” (1Co 15:27)

Awakening: Part 5, What’s the Real Problem with

There is a key problem with Jehovah’s Witnesses that transcends all the other sins the organization is guilty of. Identifying this issue will help us to understand what is really the problem with and whether there’s any hope of fixing it.

Awakening, Part 4: Where Do I Go Now?

When we awake to the reality of doctrine and conduct, we are faced with serious problem, because we have been taught that salvation depends on our affiliation with the Organization. Without it, we ask: “Where else can I go?”

Awakening, Part 3: Regrets

While we may look back on much of our time spent serving the Organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses with regret of misspent years, there is ample reason to look at those years in a positive light.

Awakening, Part 2: What’s It All About?

How can we deal with the emotional trauma we experience when awakening from the indoctrination of What’s it all about? Can we distill everything down to a simple, revealing truth?

Addendum to “Awakening, Part 1: Introduction”

In my last video, I mentioned a letter I sent into headquarters regarding a 1972 Watchtower article on Matthew 24.  It turns out I got the date wrong.  I was able to recover the letters from my files when I came home from Hilton Head, SC.  The actual article in...

Awakening, Part 1: Introduction

In this new series, we will answer the question asked by all those who awaken from the false teachings of “Where do I go from here?”

Identifying True Worship, Part 12: Love Among Yourselves I’ve been looking forward to doing this final video in our series, Identifying True Worship. That’s because this is the only one that really matters. Let me explain what I mean.  Through the previous videos, it has been instructive to show...

Identifying True Worship, Part 11: The Unrighteous Riches

Hello everyone. My name’s Eric Wilson. Welcome to Beroean Pickets. In this series of videos, we have been examining ways to identify true worship using the criteria laid down by the Organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Since these criteria are used by Witnesses to...

A Thought on the Petition Letter

JackSprat made a comment under the recent post on Christian neutrality and the Organization's involvement in the United Nations that I'm grateful for, because I'm sure he raises a view that many share.  I would like to address that here. I agree that the chance for...

Identifying True Worship, Part 10: Christian Neutrality

Joining a non-neutral entity, like a political party, results in automatic disassociation from the congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Have Jehovah’s Witnesses maintained strict neutrality? The answer will shock many faithful Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Identifying True Worship, Part 9: Our Christian Hope

Having shown in our last episode that the Other Sheep doctrine of Jehovah’s Witnesses is unscriptural, it seems approrpiate to pause in our examination of the teachings of to address the real Bible hope of salvation–the real Good News–as it pertains to Christians.

Identifying True Worship, Part 8: Who Are the Other Sheep?

This video, podcast and article explore the unique JW teaching of the Other Sheep. This doctrine, more than any other, affects the salvation hope of millions. But is it true, or a fabrication of one man, who 80 years ago, decided to create a two-class, two-hope system of Christianity? This is the question that affects all of us and which we will answer now.

Identifying True Worship, Part 6: 1914 – Empirical Evidence

A second look at 1914, this time examining the evidence the Organization claims is there to support the belief that Jesus began ruling in the heavens in 1914. Video Transcript Hello, my name is Eric Wilson. This is the second video in our...

Identifying True Worship, Part 5: 1914 – Examining the Chronology Video Script Hello. Eric Wilson again.  This time we're looking at 1914. Now, 1914 is a very important doctrine for Jehovah's Witnesses.  It is a core doctrine.  Some might disagree.  There was a recent Watchtower about core doctrines and...

Identifying True Worship, Part 4: Examining Matthew 24:34 Exegetically

It's all well and good to tear down a false doctrine like the JW overlapping generations interpretation of Matthew 24:34—as we did in a previous video—but Christian love should always move us to build up.  So after clearing away the debris of false teachings that have...

Identifying True Worship, Part 1: What Is Apostasy

I e-mailed all my JW friends with a link to the first video, and the response has been an resounding silence.  Mind you, it's been less than 24 hours, but still I expected some response.  Of course, some of my deeper thinking friends will need time to view and think...

Identifying True Worship – Introduction

I started my online Bible research back in 2011 under the alias Meleti Vivlon.  I used the google translation tool available back then to find out how to say "Bible study" in Greek. At the time there was a transliterate link, which I used to get English characters....

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